Currently accepting enrollments for Summer Camp 2021. Full time care for children ages 5-12 in an engaged, active, and educational program from May 31st to August 13th. Call today for details and to reserve your spot! 303-432-2468



Great curriculum starts and ends with great teachers. Growing Hearts and Minds has distinguished itself through the personal relationship you will develop with your child's teachers. Our personalized care approach makes it feel as though you hired someone to care for your child in your own home, while still offering your child all the social, emotional, and development benefits of a school based program.

We take great pride in offering our teachers the most socially and emotionally supportive work environment in the industry. We want to allow our teachers to work from their strengths. Therefore, we have created a culture built on gratitude, respect, wholeheartedness, and fun!


At Growing Hearts and Minds, our goal is to provide an environment that fosters positive social-emotional developmental, exploration, and a sense of belonging. We accomplish this by allowing our teachers the freedom to use their education, experience, and creativity to customize the curriculum in a way that works best for the children in their classroom. Teachers then collaborate with each other to ensure developmental milestones are achieved by each child as they grow and move up to new classrooms. Each step of the learning process builds upon the previous ones. This collaborative approach to teaching ensures your child’s progress is nurtured throughout their time at Growing Hearts and Minds.


We are proud to use a developmental assessment called Teaching Strategies GOLD.
This research backed program is based on 38 developmental objectives assessing a child's development and learning from a wholistic perspective. Every child is observed and assessed throughout the year using these criteria. The curriculum and assessment tool fit together perfectly, so the teachers can create an individualized learning plan to give every child the chance to succeed. Developmental observations are continually communicated to parents as needed, and formally reported semi-annually during one-on-one parent teacher conferences. These tools are fully aligned with Colorado Academic Preschool Standards and Colorado State Kindergarten Standards.


We use KangarooTime to provide parents with real time communication about their child’s daily school activities. Activity photos are sent to parents throughout the day which is a favorite resource for many of our parents. Our parents love seeing the fun and engaging activities their child is involved in throughout the day!